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Westborough Youth Soccer Association


General Information

Westborough Youth Soccer uses town fields for soccer games and practices. 
When visiting fields, please drive no more than 10 MPH at all times. Only park in designated areas (not in between cones).

Please remember and remind visiting coaches that animals are not allowed on any town fields or on the sidelines (leashed or unleashed). 

Fields Status & Directory

Closings are determined by the town and the fields director. If you have any questions, please contact the fields director

Field Directory  includes an address and a map to all fields in Westborough.

Rainy Day Policy

For practice

Do not practice on fields when it is actively raining, even if fields are technically open. This rule is for player safety and for preservation of the fields. Drizzle, or light, or intermittent rain is okay as long as conditions (wet grass, ground saturation, no puddling) remain safe. Any harder and you MUST cease practicing. Avoid wet areas and adjust practice space as needed. 

For games
If the field is closed by the town at least 2 hours before the game, you do not need to go to the field to play.  Field status will be posted on our website. To check the status of an away field, please and check Bays and search by opposing team's name. Also, keep in contact with the opposing coach on game status.

If the field is NOT closed by the town 2 hours before game time, your team needs to go to the field to play regardless of what subsequently happens during that two hour window before the game. If you do not show up at the field, your team will forfeit the game. Once we are within 2 hours of the game, it is up to the referee to cancel the game at the field.

If there is lightning or thunder during the game or warm ups, all players must exit the field and wait for 20 minutes.  If there is continued thunder or lightning within the 20 minute wait period, the game is canceled.  If not, the game can continue. The pattern repeats for any more thunder or lightning during the game.

If the game is canceled during the game due to lightning or thunder, the coaches can agree the game is completed and the score at that time is the final score. Alternatively, the coaches can agree the game is not completed and then the game must be replayed from the start at another time. If the coaches do not agree, the game is replayed from the start.

If your game is postponed, please review the Make-Up Game policy on Bays

If your game is canceled, you must still report the score (0-0) on the WYSA website so WYSA and the league know the game was postponed.

Practice Policy Reminder

Do not use regular goal areas for practices or scrimmaging. Only scrimmage sideways across the field during practices. This preserves the grass area around the goal for games - this is very important over the course of the season.

Mass Youth Soccer Field Size Recommendations: 



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